Target Location: Africa, South Africa, East London, Eastern Cape, Mdantsane, Khulani (Commercial) High School, Grade 12a class.
Year Two Thousand and Eleven – Unlocking the Future.

This blog is mainly about the Grade 12a classmates’ moments of the journey of high school at Khulani High. I sit here on this comfortable spinning chair typing this and locked inside my head, remembering everything we’ve shared.

I think High school is half your life – and that is the undeniable truth. Not too far from the beginning of the 2011 matric year in Khulani High, 12a Academy knew that that was the last time we would get a shot to having a chance to experience high school life the best way we can. So everybody decided to be AWESOME AND COOL. 12a Academy was thee BEST of them all. 2011 was thus certainly one of the best years of many of the best moments of our lives for many reasons, whether laughing our brains out during an English oral or competing for the most marks on a test; so matric couldn’t have been better for us.

khulani High School
khulani High School

You will notice that “Commercial” is either enclosed in both parentheses or omitted. The reason for this is because Khulani High was in fact a commercial school, in that it had only commercial subjects for majors. But because Khulani High students were so dedicated and hard workers, they were, as a result, one of the best schools that had a running constant raising matric pass mark. Thus the department of education requested that Physical Sciences, Computer Application Technology be introduced even though it was a commercial school; something that was unheard-of. The other amazing thing to note is that 80% of 12a Academy came from the same Grade 10 class, the new additional subjects to the school were (in history!) first introduced to ‘US!’ in the year 2009, and we were the only class, AWESOMENESS! That’s history right there BABY 😀 – we were the ish! Moving along, after careful deliberation and thinking, everybody (the ‘Academy’) saw it fit that the school no longer be considered a commercial school because of the added subjects. But I seldom put it in brackets because the school still has commercial subjects, making it a commercial school in some small historic way.

12 A girls
12 A girls

Matric jackets were one of the most interesting things to design for many of us former students of the matric level. The students designed and came up with mouth watering ideas via a competition that was won by some kid who was too lazy to come up with a cool epigram, but nonetheless, it was finalized so we accepted it and made a connection with it until we saw ourselves liking it. I no longer wear my matric jacket. “Unlocking The Future” was our unfair-final tag line that was on the back of the matric jacket with a picture of a black & white closed book with a key lock, and a key on the side ready to unlock the book, UNLOCK THE BOOK and you’ll see a shining-sparkling-beautiful light ‘cause you unlocked the future, which is only through books (education), hence the book and key concept. Nerdy… but not bad :/

Noluvuyo Vuyo Matiwane
Noluvuyo Vuyo Matiwane

12a Academy had their share of great ideas of designs: Tarie (Matiwane Noluvuyo, she was known for being a whiz at Maths) came up with an amazing concept of some kind where she drew a picture of a student inside an elevator, going up to the above floor not before the student pressed a button written “2012” on it, because that’s the year following 2011, and the tag line was – “Twenty Elevator”; here she basically combined the year ‘twenty eleven’ with ‘elevator,’ hence ‘twenty elevator’. Elevator also indicates success, because anything that’s moving forward or going up shows some positivity – GENIUS! 🙂 …but didn’t make the cut.

Sibonokuhle Xotyeni

Sibonokuhle Xotyeni

Next BIG GUY (Xhotyeni Sibonokuhle, the chap who liked trouble) came up with the concept that had to do with Dragon Ball Z, in this concept; he drew an eye catching picture of 11 dragon balls. The tag line being ‘Find the last Dragon Ball’ this was an amazing concept because it made sense, you see according to the Dragon Ball Z story line, if you find the last dragon ball, you can make THREE wishes and they can be of anything you can think of, whether it’s success of the year following or just finding and creating oneself through honour. Now from BIG GUY’s tag line, if you find the last dragon ball, which is the 12th dragon ball; all your wishes for the year 2012 will come true – BEAUTIFUL 🙂 …also didn’t make the cut.

Vuyolwethu  VoVo Peter
Vuyolwethu VoVo Peter

UP NEXT! Vovo (Peter Vuyolwethu, the small dude who always had an inclination in everything worth learning) couldn’t let the others play alone. He came up with a simple-cool concept of a drawing where two students were each holding a champagne glass doing the ‘cheers’ collision, with the tag line ‘Cheers to the Future.’ It was an EASY 🙂 punch line …but also didn’t make the cut.

…there were some other ones that were in the running towards becoming the final picked one, but my memory fails me, but I remember they were GREAT 🙂 These failed attempts made by my class were very good concept ideas, but due to who knows who, the final one had the most votes thus won. YEY! 🙂 …NO -_-

Kale Christopher khuselo
Kale Christopher khuselo

Kellz (Kale Christopher Khuselo, known for being an accounting junkie – the best addiction ever) says: “Even the force of gravity cannot pull me down” and I say: “I’m so high gravity’s the only thing that’s holding me down!” This is the class of Grade 12a and these ‘photos and videos’ is our story.

Sixolile Alex Kulati
Sixolile Alex Kulati

The term ‘12a Academy’ was founded by Kulati Sixolile when he decided that his class was too awesome not to be captured and vividly remembered, so he single handily created a class movie and called it 12a Academy. The movie contains all the events we shared together, loving one another.


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  1. I am in 12a at Khulani (2016). Even though I wasn’t at Khulani in 2011 but the 2011 class’ lagacy still continues. Everyday our teachers encourage us to be like the 2011 12a class. Tarie and Khuselo still go to the school to teach us Physical Science (Tarie) and Accounting (Khuselo).

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